Friday, 7 October 2016

Hello, I Love You

When she arrived from her 3 hour motorway journey, to her new home in Sawbridgeworth, we found a 75 tonne crane waiting to do the lift, when we had ordered a 100 tonne. We also found a crane driver (seen in orange) who did not think the lift was possible.

So we had our boat loaded onto a truck, complete with driver. We had our pitch complete with fresh timber sleepers. Now all we had to do was convince the crane driver not to go home and leave us in a world of shit. The acting site foreman, Andy (seen in blue), insisted that the lift was possible having done this several times previous with his preferred crane driver, who was unavailable due to ill health.

The point of disagreement surrounded the cranes maximum distance on a pivot from the truck to the sleepers. The driver finally and begrudgingly agreed to set up to lift, measure out and prove Andy wrong. He huffed and puffed and paced out the distances before accepting that it might just work. So we went ahead.

Many thanks to Andy, without him, we would have been helpless.

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